If you are a regular viewer on twitch, chances are you have been in a channel that uses StreamElements – whether or not you realised this, would have been entirely up to the streamer and how they did the settings. 
StreamElements has a very large suite of software and services they offer, and if you are a streamer and haven’t yet checked them out, we honestly recommend you do so at your earliest convenience!
All of the below are optional, allowing you to pick and choose the components which best compliment you, your stream and your viewer community!

StreamElements ChatBot

StreamElements ChatBot for Twitch and YouTube Live moderates your chat and keeps it clean so that you can focus on what’s important; Your Stream. 
The ChatBot includes commands, modules, timers and spam filters and is fully integrated with the StreamElements Loyalty system.

What NerdyAF Thinks:

StreamElements Chatbot really is a must have for viewer-directed streaming. Not only does it give the viewers interactive games to play (with your own modifiable currency) but it also puts in chat notifications when people sub, tip or follow!


With Zero Commission and Worldwide Coverage, StreamElements can allow you to receive tips from your viewers if you wish. This system can also link up to the Overlay system and Loyalty Systems, allowing viewers to see their tip appear live on the stream and earning them Loyalty Points if these are also activated.

What NerdyAF Says:

No-one can turn their love of streaming into a career (whether full time or part time) without some sort of income – while Twitch has its own systems (Subscription and Bits), Tipping gives a much more fun, instant and visually rewarding way of your viewers giving back to you, especially when linked with the other StreamElements systems such as Overlays and Alerts!


Having a loyal community is key on the path to streaming glory. StreamElements provides all the tools needed to keep your viewers in your stream and make them come back for more.

Viewers are awarded points for watching your stream, which you can name as you like and according to your style. Reward your subscribers, tippers and followers with extra points, further increasing your interaction.

What NerdyAF Thinks:

Linking flawlessly up to the previously mentioned ChatBot and Tipping systems, the Loyalty/points system creates a fun and engaging way of tracking viewer interactivity and viewership – as well as giving you a way of rewarding viewers and enabling minigames in the chat too!

Overlays and Alerts

Having a beautiful looking and tidy overlay is a must for every streamer – big or small. StreamElements takes an innovative approach to overlays, and stores all your graphics and assets in the cloud, reducing pre-stream setup time to a few seconds. This also enables launching your overlay from every device, and backs up all your overlay graphic assets.

StreamElements Themes gallery has dozens of SuperThemes for the most popular games on Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Each SuperTheme includes 5 scenes covering every part of your stream: Starting soon, Talk show, Gameplay, Be right back and Stream ended.

StreamElements overlays are suited both for Twitch and YouTube gaming.

What NerdyAF Thinks:

The overlays system is a very comprehensive and customisable system that, I personally, adore. Anyone is able to make 100% free, beautiful and reactive overlays and alerts that link up to multiple other StreamElements services such as Tipping

OBS.Live Power Addon

OBS.Live is StreamElements’ add-on to OBS project (Open Broadcaster Software), the leading software for video recording and live streaming.

OBS.Live is optimized for gaming & IRL live streaming, integrating both your Twitch chat into OBS, and your StreamElements activity feed.

With quick access to all your StreamElements tools (ChatBot, Tipping, Overlays), OBS.Live is definitely a must have addon if you use both StreamElements and OBS already

What NerdyAF Thinks:

The OBS.Live Power Addon really improves the OBS experience by adding the StreamElements Dashboard tracking and your streams chat directly into the OBS software, making a beautiful marriage between multiple systems all on a single screen. 

Additional Features:
Stream Reports // Media Requests // Stream Store  // Chat Stats // Flawless Stability // Twitch Extension

Please visit www.streamelements.com to learn more