Ingy Designs

About the Artist:

Hey guys! So I’m the Ingy in Ingy Designs and as you may have guessed, I’m massively into art, design, and all things stream related!! I’ve been drawing since I was a kid but have only recently started drawing digitally and had no idea I could make a career out of it, until a good friend of mine started streaming and got me involved by asking me to design a logo for him, I did exactly that and provided all the artwork for Mr Spacko’s Twitch channel and the response has been incredible!
I’m very lucky to have such a great streamer by my side and I really enjoy being a part of the community and collaborating with the players and professionals that watch his stream, it’s an incredibly positive environment and you’ll often find me there, chatting away when I’m taking a break from drawing! From what I can see, there seems to be a huge gap in the Twitch market for original, quality logo designs and a one-to-one service, so I’m hoping I can provide that and dedicate myself to this on a full-time basis, that really is the dream!

What NerdyAF says:

Ingy Designs is a very talented designer who is quickly making a name for himself, where he started by working on all the art for Mr_Spacko’s stream and quickly became very in demand by streamers worldwide!

If you want any work done from him, for your own channel, you best get in fast as the waiting time to get one made will only increase the more people find out about his work!